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Demonstrate an accurate understanding of the texts being discussed

In-text citation completely from a book no outside sourcewrite a roughly 400-500-word essay for each. You may use your Norton and your Lecture Notes. Work on your own. Plagiarism on this exam warrants a grade of zero. Type your essays beneath the relevant prompts.each essay should:1. Demonstrate an accurate understanding of the texts being discussed2. Make use of specific examples by citing (with line numbers if poetry) and/or briefly quoting at least three passages3. Display logical organization and careful reasoning4. Arrive at a definite conclusion that encapsulates the rest of the essay and offers a thesis statement.5. In all essays, carefully demonstrate similarities and especially differences of method and purpose among our authors.Prompt 2: From the Romantic Era on, many writers had unique theories about what writing was for, and what it could hope to accomplish. Many of ideas concerned specific ways of thinking about, seeing, or imagining reality. From Wordsworth and later, choose at least three writers and discuss their ideas about writing. Which of these ideas do you find the most interesting and why? Which is the most helpful or true? Justify your answers.