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Demonstrate an awareness of and respond to the needs of different audiences and rhetorical situations (Rhetorical Knowledge)

Actually, its all Ive been thinking about all week. Although my initial idea was to continue giving you essays, having you write summaries, followed by rough drafts and essay, I have decided against that in lieu of what I believe is a more authentic way of teaching you how to write powerful arguments. Right now, we all have much more serious things happening in our individual lives beyond the essays in our textbook, wonderful and poignant as they may be. If you would prefer to use our textbook, please be advised that you will be doing three assignments instead of one, every week, since those essays are short and will require much more writing in order to demonstrate that you are meeting the learning outcomes of the course. Our learning outcomes are as follows:

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the successful student will be able to:

Demonstrate an awareness of and respond to the needs of different audiences and rhetorical situations (Rhetorical Knowledge)
Use writing and reading for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communicating, integrating students ideas with those of others (Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing)
Produce coherent texts through a multiple draft process (Processes)
Successfully make use of the conventions of college level writing and Standard Written English within that writing (Knowledge of Conventions)
Compose in an electronic environment such as a word processing program (Composing in Electronic Environments)

Instead of using our textbook, I will be giving you a weekly writing assignment in which you will write about the pandemic in various formats. Each week (for as long as we are under quarantine), I will post a few topics for you to write about. These essays must be at least 500- 1000 words in length (2-4 pages), must be written in MLA format, and must argue for or against the topic you select. For example, for the past week we have been reading about these issues:

The government is supposed to be sending money to all Americans. The current amounts discussed are $1200 for those classified as middle class and $600 for the poor. Argue for or against this proposal, taking into consideration who benefits from this move, who does not, how it will affect the national economy overall, and perhaps most important how it affects you.
In the state of NY, the number of reported cases has tripled in just a week. Do you believe that Governor Cuomo is doing all that he can to protect us? Should he be doing more? Should he sign an executive order requiring all New Yorkers to shelter in place? Argue your position remembering that this is absolutely a public resonance issue. Who would be most impacted by this decision, and who is most impacted by not doing this? How do you feel about this? How does it effects you, your family and society at large?
Lets talk about these tests. Should only the sick be tested? Why is it okay for celebrities to get tested at will while the rest of us have to get sick first? Write an argument for or against testing at will.

Choose one of these topics and respond by uploading your writing to the drop box that has the correct date for the week you are writing. This weeks drop box will be labeled as March 23-27. If you prefer to read the essays in our textbook and write about that, send me an e-mail and I will give you alternative assignments.