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Describe possible government programs that are available for individuals falling under the poverty level.

12. Find an article describing poverty, poverty rates or the government programs available falling under the poverty level.
Please Use a recent article from the USA.
Use the article to fulfill the following instructions and questions:
A. Copy and paste your article into your assignment.

B. Summarize the passage in your article into one or two paragraphs.

C. Describe possible government programs that are available for individuals falling under the poverty level.

D. In your summary, also address your own opinions on your selected article and your opinion in support or against the information you have found.

13. You will now be discussing unions and strikes.
A. Begin by describing the goals that unions may pursue in a paragraph or two.

B. Next, consider recent work stoppages and strikes by looking at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information. Under Subjects, go to the heading of Pay and Benefits and then select Strikes and Lockouts.

C. Using the Work Stoppage information or data in the Strike Report, find a case of a strike that has occurred in the last 5 years that you have an interest in investigating. Research information on the BLS and write a summary of the strike. In your summary, discuss the establishment and union involvement in the work stoppage, the number of workers involved, and the number of days of idleness. Additionally, do some searches on the particular strike you have chosen and determine more information on the purpose of the strike and any results or negotiations that ensued and explain that in your summary as well. Be sure and cite your references for your information found.

14. Using the historical tables from the Budget of the US government, determine where the US government allocates its expenditures.

A. Examine Table 3.1 on Outlays by Superfunction and Function. Consider what government functions have been capturing growing shares or declining shares of government spending in recent years.
B. Select one of the government functions and describe in a brief summary whether it has seen an increase or decrease in government spending over the past 10 to 15 years. For the function you have selected, is it related to the problem of addressing externalities, providing public goods or dealing with other market failures. Does it appear to be related to political functions instead of economic functions?

15. Read the following article, London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just 5 days:

Answer the following questions:
A. Fill in the blanks: The negative externality in this article is the ________________ that is a cost borne by________________
B. Fill in the blank: London officials estimate that ________________ premature deaths each year are attributed to toxic air.
C. List some of the steps Londons government has taken to increase air quality.
D. Why is London known as the Big Smoke?
E. What are some other options Londons government can take to help alleviate the pollution?
Make sure you use correct spelling, grammar, etc.