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Describe the company or the product to the best of your ability

For this assignment, you will choose a company which you think is a successful advertiser. You may choose any company whose advertising you are familiar with, or who you wish to investigate. Following are your instructions:

Requirements are as follows:

Choose a company/product you wish to illustrate as a successful or interesting advertiser
Describe the company or the product to the best of your ability
Describe the company’s advertisements, either including print, broadcast, or other media
Explain why you think this company/product’s advertising is successful, based on information in your notes on advertising….does it do what it is supposed to?
Use paragraphing for description and explanation requirements
Type single-space
Headline should read: Advertising Success for (company/product name)
Summarize your analysis of the product’s advertising.
Assignment is worth 100 points as follows:

Information is written clearly and logically 15
Explanations and descriptions are included 20
References to subject notes are utilized 20
Summary is included 15
Writing requirements are followed 15
Assignment is submitted by deadline 15