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Design the Perfect High School

Design the Perfect High School

Directions: You are to design what, in your opinion, is the perfect high school based on what you have learned about the adolescent years and also based on your experience in high school. Use the questions below to guide your thinking. Create a PowerPoint presentation to showcase your ideal high school. Be creative. Use what you have learned while learning about Adolescence to decide how your school should be designed. Please address all of the following things in your PowerPoint.

Cognitive Considerations:

How long are the class periods, is school year around, what time does school start and end, will there be high stakes testing, do students need brain breaks, should students have to take math, science, social studies, and ELAR (core classes) every year, what other classes should be required/electives, do field trips need to be educational, books online or paper bound
Social/Emotional Considerations:

Should there be dress code, should there be sex education, should classes be segregated by gender, do students need more social time built into the day, are cell phones allowed, what clubs are offered
Physical Considerations:

Is P.E. necessary, lunch restrictions, the physical layout of the building
Other Considerations: