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developmental psychology

Course: developmental psychology
Topic: discuss and critically analyse THREE ways in which cognitive development (e.g., general cognitive skills, development of language or other specific cognitive domains) interacts with the development of social relationships and/or a social identity.
In your answer, you should refer to at least two theories of development, along with appropriate empirical evidence to support your argument. Remember that you are expected to reference a range of academic sources (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters) in your essay.

The approach is: to take a Theory of mind and analyse how its interact with social identity development or development of social relationships. The important point there: to focus on the interaction point and stick to the question not just talk about theory of mind constantly. as an option 2 could be taken to consideration not just TOM but also language, general cognitive development and have a look how each of this interacts with social identity development or development of social relationships. Please text me ASAP you start to write in case its not clear.
1. Font size: 12pt
2. Font type: Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Time New Roman or similar clearly legible font type
3. Line spacing: Double spaced
4. Include page numbers
5. Include Title page (with Modular Block ID and title, Word count, and student ID)
6. Include Reference List (at the end, starting on a separate page)

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