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difference between two cultures ( african american & chinese )

Since sociology is interested in groups, and specifically group interaction, this research will be an 8 page paper using the APA format. The paper will detail your research on a culture difference from African American and Chinese ( I’m black ). The paper should start with you hypothesizing what you think your findings are likely to undercover about the culture. You will give several, references other than the text, to demonstrate that you have utilized the research process. You should, as a suggestion, utilize periodicals, journals, and other valid sources to conduct your research. (Part of the research process is also discussing how you located related journal articles and what research tools you found useful.) You should address the following questions:

1. What is my hypothesis about the culture I am researching?
2. How is the Chinese culture the same or different from mine (African American) ?
3. What are the statistics regarding the culture concerning death rates, birth rates, schooling, and crime, etc.?
4. Use a statistical method or more to support your research. Example: Mean, Mode, Median, Positive correlation/Negative correlation.
5. Utilize the Independent/Dependent variables to draw conclusions.
6. Is the research about the culture up-to-date and or old? State reasons why data may not be available.
7. What are the implications for future research on this subject and Sociology?
9. Have you triangulated or saturated your research?
10. Was your hypothesis valid, partially correct, or invalid and why?
11. Please explain your reasoning and your use of the research.
12. Conclusion