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Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of mergers and acquisitions. Consider the social and economic effects on the various stakeholders.

Plan for overall structureIntroductionP1. Benefits of mergers and acquisitionsP2. Drawbacks of mergers and acquisitionsP3. Social effects on various stakeholdersP4. Economic effects on various stakeholdersP5. Causes of social and economic effects on various stakeholdersP6.ConclusionDevelop an essay questionproduce an essay outlineclearly identify and define your topic, providing some background and why the topic is of interest and relevance.Academic research should:Build on existing studies and viewsProvide an evaluation or new view of the topicNot be a mystery consider that academic studies include an abstract which tells you why they did the research, how they did it, and what they found.Make your position clear from the introduction and develop and support it throughout the essayrest of the information is in the powerpoint slide please download it and have a look.