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Do you agree or disagree with Francis Fukuyama’s thesis on “liberal democracy as the final form of human government “? He believes that capitalism neoliberalism and democracy can fix all problems

Using the article by Francis Fukuyama “The End of History (Links to an external site.)”. Write a paper in order to either defend or criticize its main thesis. (Links to an external site.)
Research the issues and position yourself in the debate. Find arguments to support one thesis or its opposite.
Link your arguments to sustainability and ecological issues. Talk about the connection between capitalism and climate change considering Fukuyama’s thesis.
You must use another academic external resource in order to support your point (another academic article or book).
The paper should have at least 1300 words.
It should contain:
a title,
an abstract,
an introduction,
the main argument and
the conclusion (all separated and identified).
You have to use a citation format (the one you prefer or you work with: MLA, APA…)

Very original, providing a new look or argument out of the normal approach.