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Does post-study caffeine consumption have an effect on your working memory?

-MLA format
– do not use my abstract and intro and body from IRB as it does not make much sense but you can read through it. Bottom of the doc has more info
-I have attached the excel sheet with all the data of the participants. (Condition column : 1 = experimental group, 2= placebo group)
– I will also put resource links as to which journals I have accumulated as resources
– Also the word doc has every single thing that needs to be included on the paper. (read all the pages please)
– prior research has focused on long term memory and how caffeine impacts that but I want to see how working memory has effects by the use of caffeine using Dual-n -back task.
– Perform analysis on SPSS and do report them with the correct apa format and the exact figures in the output window

– Also make sure to talk about the Caffeine Questionnaire that is included in my IRB document.
– The Johns Hopkins link is what I am trying to do mine like but mine will be post and on short term.
– please be diligent with your work as it is practically my whole grade.
If you have any questions just shoot me an email.