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Does resource wealth lead to state failure?

Please draw upon range of literature and empirical examples (some empirical evidence for the arguments) and every argument substantiated. On that note, please support particular arguments with more than one source.-Do include page numbers in citations-Avoid speculating about the future”Natural resource abundance and economic growth” by Sachs and Warner (1995) paper and “The Political Economy of the Resource Curse” by Ross (1999) are important papers“Conceptualising the Causes and Consequences of Failed States- A Critical Review of the Literature1” very large section on the link between resource curse and state failure-please when you use this resource, reference the original references (Authors mentioned in the text)“Why do some resource-abundant countries succeed while others do not?” by Ragnar Torvik, gives a nice overview-In answering the question and addressing state failure address the following:1) ‘Resource curse’:-The correlation between energy dependence and authoritarianism-Presidentialism versus parliamentarism matters more than democratic or autocratic?-Failure to democratise: State failure?-Peace and security: Civil War2) ‘Rentier state’: More detailed explanation for oil/resource-democracy link-That in fact, natural resource dependency can lead underdevelopment.3) ‘Dutch disease’: Over-dependence on resources: Failure to have good consistent economic developmentExemplar Cases:-Africa, Gulf States, Venezuela, Russia-Show state failure in some cases-Norway, Botswana-show success-Netherlands (Dutch dieses)