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Assessment task: The Final Project (Dissertation) ReportDetails on what is required in the Dissertation are presented in Section C.NB: Students are normally expected to collect Primary Data, or Secondary Data, to be used appropriately, from the industry related to their area of study. Data collection methods MUST be agreed with the supervisor and agreed by the ethics panel before primary research is undertaken.What is the role of your supervisor?You will continue working with your supervisor. The Supervisor has a dual role, both to offer advice and to monitor your progress. It is essential that you maintain regular contact with your supervisor. In effect you will be assessed on the process as well as the finished article – you must keep your supervisor informed of what you are doing at all stages of the process. If you fail to do so and just produce a final project “out of a hat” at the last minute it will be difficult for your supervisor to assure themselves that what you have produced is all your own work. You might be marked down as a result of this and in the worst case you could be subject to a plagiarism procedure which might result in the project being rejected.You are required to keep a record of the meetings that you have with your supervisor (see form below) and both of you must sign the agreed actions. This helps you to monitor your own progress.You need to be prepared to meet your supervisor during the week (daytime or evening). For all students, whilst your supervisor will endeavour to find a mutually convenient time for meetings, some flexibility will be required on your part, as some supervisors are selected for their area of expertise and only attend UWL on selected days.Please check the Assessment Timescales & Deadlines information below for your cohort deadline.Word count or equivalent: The length of the project should be 10,000 words, excluding appendices and preliminary material. This includes a 10% allowance over or underWord count or equivalent:Marking scheme:Below you will find the marking criteria for the Project. The marking criteria are stated as questions and are very detailed so as to offer clear guidelines for the students as to what we are looking for in each section.WeightingIntroduction 10Literature Review 25Methodology 20Analysis and discussion of findings 25Conclusion and recommendations 10Coherence and presentation 10The dissertation that you submit will be assessed by two subject specialists, working independently who will then meet to agree a mark. Some dissertations are also third marked and some are sent to an External Examiner.