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Effects of Lincoln’s Assassination in Chicago

A research essay for an Eng 102 class on Abraham lincoln’s assassination and its effect on Chicago specifically. The essay needs to answer 3 main questions.

Research Questions
1. What impacts did this crisis have on other politicians in Chicago?
Paragraph 1,2 & 3: 7-9 sentences each(1-1.5 pages in length)
2. How did Lincolns assassination impact reconstruction in Chicago? Paragraph 4,5 & 6: 7-9 sentences each(1-1.5 pages in length)
3. Did this tragedy bring forth more African American awareness in Chicago?
Paragraph 7 & 8: 7-9 sentences each(1-1.5 pages in length)

Paragraph 9: Opinion paragraph with personal thoughts about the topic (only paragraph where it’s allowed to use “I”) 10- sentences minimum
Paragraph 10: Conclusion with predictions, suggestions for further study, and closing statements. 6- sentences minimum.