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Either Animal Cruelty in Columbia SC or Texting and Driving in Columbia SC

A “Wicked Problem” Essay

In this essay, students identify a “wicked problem.” This essay demonstrates students ability to produce a researched written project that draws on specific theories, tools or methods from different content areas.

For example, if a student were to consider the problem of crime in Hartsville, he or she would need to draw on knowledge from several different disciplines. In order to help the residents of Hartsville address crime, the student might need to consider historical information, an understanding of psychology or sociology, and use mathematics. Think about the knowledge that is required to research and evaluate, plan and communicate, a comprehensive approach. What might a successful proposal look like?

These are the type of questions students will need to ask when they address a “wicked” problem of their choice.

The final essay should be at least five to eight (5-8) pages
The essay should demonstrate thorough understanding of the problem (both sides)
Students should draw on a minimum of four (4) reliable popular and scholarly sources.