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Elevator Pitch

Create an “Elevator Pitch” to convince policy makers to increase funding for cardiovascular disease research.Write a script for no more than 2 minutes long speech.What to include and General Tips:Step 1: Create an Attention-Getting HookYou need to start with something that pulls in your audience and gets them engaged in what you’re about to say.Step 2: Define Who You AreWrite about who you are and why you should be listened toStep 3: Define The ProblemWrite about what the problem is, the scale of the problem, and why it is important?Step 4: State What You Want to Happen NextIdentify what you want your audience to do next, be bold and specific, don’t generalise.Step 5: Put It All TogetherCombine the statements you have drafted in the previous steps, add transitions and edit it until it flows conversationally and captures the most important information.