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Emerging Technologies

The essay for this lesson is required to be 1,000 words. Essay should be 5 or more paragraphs with a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format. Provide proper subheadings in the essay. I will provide all the reading material for this order. Provide some resources within the essay and include the page number where you found the sources. I do not need an abstract page. Here is the topic of the essay.

Social networking has become a way of life for many people in the US and across the globe. The web has made it possible for people to connect and communicate regardless of geographic location through social IT applications including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, MySpace, and others. Social networking has its pros and cons. Identify two advantages and two disadvantages of social networking, and discuss in detail how these pros and cons apply to at least two popular social media tools in use today. Write a multi-paragraph response.