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Emily dickinson

Emily Dickinson
Introduction: Not much is known of Dickinson personal life just by what outsider perceive her to be.
Do you really know me?
Dickinson is assumed to be reclusive in developing meaningful relationship or being cordial with others.
Her poetry is often themed of death immortality, although not many can see that she is reaching out to be seen more then that quiet girl who education is beyond her time.
She was born in the wrong era in a way but if she was born in this day in age would she have become the great English founder for literature.
Being the one that schools across the nation use for teaching student in middle and high school. Dickinson was a very ambition for a Victorian girl in that age.
To becoming a series TV show, how happy would she be knowing that now her words and most private thought are public to the naked eyes.
Dickinsons trauma is what strayed her to go dark and become the lonely depressed women that she is perceived to be.
Such a young age and losing family that were close to her turned her to distancing and not being in their eyes a light.
Her pain shows through her work and words although its seen to be distance and troubling to her family, it was her words that comfort her through her pain and misfortune.
Lavinia Norcross-Her younger sister that found her work and released it to the world, to show her sister wanted nothing but the best for others.
Dickinson on the hand didnt want anyone to know her personally, or did she? She is compassionate in writing about her sister-in-law, family even a love she found pleasant to her.
On an extended visit to Monson when she was two, Emily’s Aunt Lavinia described Emily as “perfectly well & contented Emily’s aunt also noted the girl’s affinity for music and her particular talent for the piano, which she called “the Moosic”.[14] wik
If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain; interpretation of this idea is to show that one can be selfless to others pain.
Helping another person in life can be a deeper worth experiencing.
Dickinson said that life would not be in vain meaning its not for a gratitude to be in return to her but out of love.
I’m Nobody! Who Are You? a short poem but one that make you look in to how we can be seen may it be in praise of quiet.
Outsider looking in or one to be in the shadows, individual contemplationthe kind represented by Dickinson and her poetry.
Who choose to be Nobodies over Somebodies says that she would rather be hidden then to be in the spotlight.
The poem has a saying that its okay to be withdrawn, and that people arent necessarily alone in feeling like they want to keep themselves to themselves.
Its not wrong to feel that way. How fearful it would be to be somebody, and it say that being in the public eye isnt all its to be.
One doesnt want to be like a frog that announces their presence to the bog which is the swamp, swamps are scary and gross, and critters are always in the dark, plus gators.
Dickinson’s life may have seemed troubled, but it was misunderstood. Her writing only a few poems that were published during her lifetime. Until Thomas H. Johnson published Dickinson’s Complete Poems in 1955,[123]
May have not been enough to show that she had a great heart.
She too wanted love in her life or to become more meaningful to the world which in death she was able to accomplish it.
Its a toss-up if shed be happy or upset. Knowing how her work has changed education and won the heart of artist she may view it differently and even to opening more of her thoughts.