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Employee Development Proposal

Assignment Objectives:To apply knowledge of the important organisational development concepts and demonstrate this knowledge in the assignment through the design of a feasible and conceptually informed model.To apply knowledge of unit material in a real world context by linking relevant concepts to real world examples.To learn to consistently integrate links (references/citations) of relevant unit material in a way that supports points 1 and 2 above. A failure to consistently cite unit material and readings will incur considerable penalties to the overall grade.Using all the relevant resources in your readings and textbook, plan, design, and show how you would evaluate an original training or HRD program that you might use in your organization or in an organisation you are very familiar with (Carbery & Cross, 2015, chapters 7-14) – should be essential depending on the type of program you design.Your assignment should include the following (and all must be linked to relevant unit material):Title and brief description of the program;Program objectives and rationale (a well articulated needs analysis required here (see C&C Chapter 7);Discussion on how the program will be implemented and how it may benefit employees and the organization (see C&C Chapter 8);Training methods or HRD practices to be used, and a rationale (justification) for using them, based on HRD theory (See C&C Chapter 9);A training outline and a tentative list and description of training materials needed – where relevant – this can be an Appendix item (See C&C Chapter 9);An evaluation plan (including both short-term and long-term evaluation, where appropriate (See C&C Chapter 10 AND Werner & DeSimone reading in Assignment 2 Resources Tab).