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Engagement Marketing

The revision is needed for pages 4-13. The feedback is that it’s too much content about social media. I need to summarize the pages 4-13 to less than 3 pages. The focus is on strategy and tactics of Engagement marketing information needs to be focused on engagement marketing with 2 case studies as examples.Essence of paper is engagement marketing- influencers, what they do to spread to consumers, campaigns-How to get people to talk about brand without getting paid.Redbull is an example on how their drink was associated with thrill seekers.Connect a brand with people as to what we representSeeding content to engage people-Popeyes Chicken sandwich is an example and maybe another food/beverage company would be another good example.Maybe the Doritos commercial challenge for Super Bowl could be another idea on how they marketed themselves.The paper currently uses Apple as an example which is not strong and I’m okay to remove it as long it doesn’t change the number of pages.I have attached a sample paper of what’s expected, the rough draft where pages 4-13 need to be minimized and replaced with engagement marketing content.The criteria is based on adequately defining engagement marketing. Focusing on examples of case studies, demonstrating marketing landscape and how EM merged from recent social and technological advancements.