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Entertainment Law: Online Gambling

Research Paper/ Essay QuestionOnline Gambling: the need for further regulationTo what extent can Regulation address the problems of online gambling?-The essay is a 5500 word piece Excluding Footnotes and Bibliography.-Sources: 55 new sources PLUS the sources that are found in the WORD DOC provided under the name of: Online Gambling Essay Structure. In total there will be around 65 sources.- REFERENCING IS NEEDED THROUGHOUT THE PAPER – HARVARD STYLE since it is the easiest. Everything has to be referenced.-BIBLIOGRAPHY IS ALSO NEEDED.-MAIN IDEA OF THE PAPER: CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE SOURCES AND NOT TOO MUCH DESCRIPTION. It is a Level 6 paper thus I am required to use mostly critical analysis rather than description . The relevance of the sources to the essay should be explained rather than describing facts from the sources.-As you will see in the Essay Structure in the word doc: Psychological Impacts are needed thus a combination of Psychology therefore Psychological correlations Should be used (data).- I am aiming for a first class – 75% in this essay. It is my final assessment for my university years.I have provided the Word Doc. which explains step by step the structure of the essay, the chapter titles and what I expect to be included in it so please have a careful look at it.I also provided 4 articles to make it easier for you.If I find more material I will provide it as soon as possible.