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Environmental Sustainability

Ultimately, using the knowledge you have gained and information you have collected during this process, youll construct an argumentative essay that introduces your topic, forwards an arguable claim, provides documented support for that claim, acknowledges the opposing arguments if there are any, and ultimately concludes with a valuable and unique insight worthy of joining the academic conversations already revolving around your chosen topic.
First: You want to show your reader the problems so that there is a sufficient understanding of the situation. This will likely take 2-3 pages of your essay, but not more. Once your reader is clear about the issue
Second: You state your argument/claim/thesis sentence and spend the rest of the paper explores the various ways your proposed solution could end or minimize the problem.
For this, youll consider audience, purpose, and style. Understanding this may help you bring out your argument through examples.
Sources: The minimum is 10, and they must be a balanced mix of popular and scholarly.