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Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Task: Weekly reflective knowledge document ( 1500words into template and personal reflective journey (1000 words)You must hand in six of your weekly Reflective Knowledge Documents (RKD) completed in full, at the end of the semester in one document, along with a 1000 word written personal reflective summary of what you have learnt and how your understanding of the protected characteristics and equality diversity and inclusion has changed throughout the module. Learning outcomes 2, 3 & 4. The Written Reflective Knowledge Document is the final assignment for this module . It is your opportunity to re-evaluate what you have covered in the module, what you have learnt and reflect on how your understanding of equality diversity and inclusion has developed. You need to choose six of your (RDK) on different protected characteristics covered in the Module.This assignment method has been chosen to allow you to explore and demonstrate your own learning and engagement in the module. Reflecting on what you learnt throughout the module allows you to question your understanding of the topics covered throughout the module. You should be able to build on the final assignment on a weekly basis by completing the Reflective Knowledge Document (RKD) provided. By completing these weekly RKDs you also have the opportunity to discuss your findings regularly with the module tutor to receive feedback. You must choose six of these documents to include in the final document.