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Establishing a Peer Review Program for Sonographers

You will be required to identify a contemporary health care initiative and conduct an in-depth situational analysis in relation to this topic, making appropriate recommendations for practice.The initiative may be related to, for example, clinical factors, management/ organisational issues, human factors, technological developments, educational or legal or ethical issues, cultural factors.This initiative may take the form of, for example:Policy implementation at a local level or organisational levelPolicy reviewDevelopment of a proposal to address an issue in practice e.g. the setting up of a serviceAnalysis of service provisionEducational interventionYou will be expected to reflect on your personal learning with specific reference to practice development within your organisation.PART 1:Identify a contemporary health care initiative.Conduct a situational analysis in relation to this topic.The assignment should outline:a. The health care initiative and the rationale for choice.This may include personal factors and internal or external drivers within theorganisation/serviceb. The process of conducting the audit or situational analysis and rationale for theapproach selected.This should include reference to relevant models and frameworks.There should be a sound and relevant evidence base.c. Key findings clearly demonstrating the rationale for the conclusions drawn.d. Recommendations.(4000 words)PART 2:Write a critical reflection on personal learning with specific reference to the audit or situational analysiss potential to support practice development within your organisation and the relevance of your personal learning to the goals of the organisation. Please base this on a recognised model of reflection.(1000 words)