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Ethical decision making in Banking With respect to Wells Fargos operations of the past 10 years.

With respect to Wells Fargos operations of the past 10 years.

1. Identify one policy of Wells Fargo that you argue is an ethical violation.
2. Describe the ethical violation, and why the policy is unethical
3. Describe briefly an effective solution for this policy.

Your essay should include information you gleaned from research on Wells Fargo, which should be cited in APA format.

Your essay should include quotes for at least 2 concepts from the textbook, again quoted in APA format. These concepts should pertain to organizational values, organizational ethics, and ethical culture creation. Also, quotes in APA format from academic sources besides the text are acceptable.

There is a 2 page limit top this essay (double spaced; 12 point Times New Roman font; 1 inch margins on top, bottom, and sides; title page, references, and exhibits NOT included in the 2 page limit)

Grading will be based on:
Description of a policy at Wells Fargo based on research
Argument that this policy is unethical
Use of a concept to describe the policy as unethical (ex. this policy seems to be fraud)
Description of a policy that addresses the unethical policy
Argument that this policy will be effective at reducing the unethical policy.
Use of a concept to describe your remedy (ex. change organizational culture)
Concepts cited in APA format, including quotes for key concepts
High quality writing
Conforming to assignment format.