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Ethical Decision Making in Law

Applying a framework for ethical decision making:Consider the email attached that was received from your colleague and the further facts. Provide your responses to the following issues raised:- What response should Supervised lawyer 2 give to the police when a search warrant is produced for the files of the deceased client?- Is Supervised lawyer 2 permitted to release all of the deceaseds files and/or the diary to the wifes solicitors?To complete this activity you should:Use the ethical decision making model attached to describe in writing the process you followed in arriving at your decision, including your explanation as to why you consider that decision to be the most fitting one. Record your answer in the model template. Take particular care to identify all relevant legal professional rules and legal profession values. For example, you may need to consider the Legal Profession Uniform Law Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules 2015 and whether any exception to client confidentiality applies.(a) explain your decision for the above with specific reference to the ethical decision making model(b) addressing each of the issues at the end of the email and the further facts(c) comment on whether another persons analysis would have affected your ultimate decision, and(d) identifying where, in practice, you might have obtained assistance in making your decision