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Ethical Dilemma

Here are the instructions of the case study:
This case presents an ethical dilemma at a Country Club. The goal of this case study is to
1. Understand the difference between a kickback and a gift;
Explain how gifts in hospitality businesses may create conflicts of interest;
2. Understand the consequences of unethical behavior;
3. Delineate standard practices for dealing with gifts;
4. Learn about measures for preventing ethical issues and dilemmas, while allowing basically good employees to do the right thing and succeed.
Questions to consider:
1. Are vendor kickbacks, receiving anything of value to influence a business decision, illegal?
2. Did Tom receive gifts or kickbacks?
3. Did Tom maintain ethical relationships with the vendors based on his intentions, the consequences of his actions, and/or industry practices? If not, what disciplinary action would you recommend?
4. What can be done to prevent the case’s ethical dilemma from happening again?