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The papers must be double spaced, 1 margins, and 12-point font. The papers vary in length. Specific length is mentioned in the paper descriptions and instructions. You must write the papers in the APA style. 4 Pages

The concept of Ethical Discretion is introduced in your readings of this week and is a topic that will appear frequently as we move through this course. Essentially, ethical discretion requires the criminal justice practitioner to measure, or balance, complying with the rule of law versus the ramifications of noncompliance or, in many cases, bending the rule of law to fit a particular scenario. In exercising such discretion, the practitioner must also balance the impact on the state or agency should the rule be thwarted or ignored.

In this Paper, you must first take the position that ethical discretion is a necessary tool for the criminal justice practitioner. In addition to making a strong pro argument, include at least one original scenario as an example to support your position. Be sure to discuss the impact on the state or agency resulting from the exercise of ethical discretion in your scenario.
After making your pro argument, take the opposite position and present a compelling argument that supports strict adherence to the rule of law versus the exercise of ethical discretion. Create an original scenario in which you apply the rule of law rather than exercising ethical discretion, and discuss the impact on the public that might result from this decision.
Conclude with a statement of your personal position as to whether the exercise of ethical discretion is a necessary component of the job of a criminal justice professional.