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Evaluation Plan

This component of your project should include a description of the type of evaluation that would be needed. The plan should include evaluation questions to be addressed, identification of a design (including a comparison group), and plan for data collection.Tell me what specific questions you will ask participants and/or staff to evaluate your program; they should be tied specifically to your objectivesUse the decision tree from last week’s lecture to tell me what type of design you will be usingYou do not need to walk me through the questions of the decision tree but please do explain your design choiceFor example, “a single group pre/post test design was selected because…”How do you specifically plan to collect data? Are you using social media? Emailing a survey? What sampling techniques are you using?A summary of resources should include a brief description of the personnel, including their roles, and materials needed for the program.Tell me who and what you will need in order to complete your evaluationAny special staff?This will be three to four pages in length with a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources.Attached below is my Intervention plan in which the evaluation plan is based off of.