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Evidence Informed Nursing Practice

Word limit: 1200 wds (+/- 10 %, including in-text references)

This assignment focuses on evaluating and referencing clinical practice guidelines, evaluating and referencing reputable websites, and analysing bio-ethical considerations in evidence-based nursing practice. You will also need to access the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.
Setting the Scene for your assignment: You are a nursing student on clinical placement in the care facility where Perla lives. Your RN buddy is impressed with the research you did to help Perla decide on the best pain relief for her sore back. The RN shares with you their observations that they have many residents wishing to use non-invasive alternative and complementary pain relief therapies rather than take medications. Unfortunately, it appears not all staff support patients contributing to decisions about their own health care. Some staff view patients as being difficult, if they request alternatives to their prescribed medical plan of care. The RN adds that the facility does not have any current guidelines, based on the best available evidence, regarding the management of people wishing to use alternative or complementary pain relief therapies. This results in inconsistent information being provided to the facility residents. The RN asks you to help them search and review the current evidence to assist the facility to develop up-to-date policies and procedures regarding the safe use of alternative and complementary pain relief.


Following on from your searches in Assessment 1, you are to write recommendations for the facility to assist them in ensuring their practice aligns with the best available evidence. You also need to explore the ethical considerations of this scenario.

What sources of evidence you must use: You MUST use relevant clinical practice guidelines, reputable websites, credible journal articles, the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. You may also use relevant articles from your rst assessment.

What do you need to do next: First, appraise the evidence presented in clinical practice guidelines, websites and academic materials including journal articles. Secondly, explore the ethical considerations, and finally, provide evidence-based recommendations that can be incorporated into the facilitys policies and into clinical nursing practice.

To summarise how to set out your assessment:

Task 1. Summary of evidence and recommendations. Locate at least one relevant clinical practice guideline, reputable websites, and a selection of credible journal articles. Summarise the current evidence and recommendations for this situation. Relate these findings to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Task 2. Ethical considerations. Describe the ethical considerations in relation to the scenario above. Limit your discussion points to the four ethical principles (autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice). These exact words MUST be included in the discussion.

Task 3. Provide evidence-based recommendations for the facility. Provide 2-4 clear evidence-based recommendations able to be incorporated into policies and procedures and into clinical nursing practice. Justify your recommendations. Be sure to include in-text citations for your recommendations.

Please note: Evidence sources should be no older than 5 years.

The format of your assignment should be as follow:

A title page. Please see Assessment 3 exemplar for title page requirements.
Body (consisting of 3 sections with headings as per the tasks).
References in the 7th edition of the APA style. This is available via a link on the NURS11158 Moodle site.
Formatting: i) APA reference list items use a hanging indentation; and ii) the first line of each paragraph should be indented; see the exemplar and the 7th edition of the Abridged APA Referencing Guide on the Moodle site for guidance. Please ensure your assignment is double spaced and you use 12-point Times New Roman font.