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EvoFIT software on elderly participants / The change in facial memory and perception over a lifetime.

**Please read attach dissertation (intro / lit review / method) to gain an understanding of topic etc**Test 1:4 elderly participants were to create composites on the EvoFIT software. They completed two cognitive ability tests beforehand (cambridge face perception and memory tests). once completed…29 additional participants were to attempt to recognise the created composites. Please review method as you will see their procedure of having to go through a uncued/cued test before providing a face likeness score of the created composite by elderly participants.I need the data analysis doing please.I require 4 individuals case studies on the 4 elderly individuals.focussing on correlation between the cambridge test scores (y axis) and face likeness scores (x axis)as you will see i have already worked out all the averages required on 4 case studies spreadsheet. If this can be done on SPSS great, if any other method thats fine.standard deviation require also for eachTest 2:55 Participants completed the 2 Cambridge tests to determine the change in facial memory and perception over a lifetime. you will see participants ages are from 20 up to 80 i believe. You will see within all spreadsheets i have commented all columns so you cab see what they mean. I need you to divide them into 3 age categories 20-40 40-60 60+. plot average of the 3 differences. this needs to be done for both tests (CFMT & CFPT) – bar graph **You will see for the perception test their average ‘error’ score was found. and the discussion of inverted and upright images needs to be discussed also (you will see within method what this means)within the memory test their average correct score were found, and the discussion of no noise and added noise needs to be discussed and the differencesstandard deviation between the means is required also.**Please note i have added 6 pages and 1600 words, this doesn’t necessarily need to be achieved, i have just added more to make sure there is enough analysis done and enough graphs etc but a description is required for what each is suggesting**Thank you