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Evolution Of The Medium

There have been numerous photographers in the evolution of the medium that can be characterized as “inventors” in terms of process, style, and/or content. Name three photographers that you feel introduced something particularly new to the medium. For each photographer, describe his/her contribution, how you would characterize the appearance of his/her work, and its significance to the defining of the medium (including the principal differences and similarities of his/her photographs to the photographs made by earlier and later photographers).

Photographers to be researched
1. Ansel Adams
2. Ernst Haas
3. George Shiras lll
Research links:

1. Consider including a hook: i.e. open with quotation, visual example, or some other interesting hook to set the tone for your premise.
2. Gives some background information (not a summary of your paper) to lead into the thesis
3. Thesis statement: One sentence that tells the main idea of the whole essay
C. Supporting Paragraphs. Your paper should include at least 3 paragraphs supporting your thesis statement (likely more) with each of these paragraphs containing
1. Topic sentence. Clearly states main idea of paragraph
2. Supporting facts, quotations, and/or examples
3. Explanation of the facts/quotations/examples
4. Personal perspective/response to the topic sentence and examples: how does it relate to you/your interests/what you see
5. Concluding sentence
D. Conclusion
1. Restates the thesis
2. Sums up main points of the essay (each topic sentence from supporting paragraphs)
3. Addresses what you learned from the assignment, what was successful, what could be improved
4. Adds one or more good sentences to end strongly, offering personal opinion/perspective
Formatting and editing (Refer to MLA standards)
1. Heading in upper right-hand corner of first page: Full name, Class, Instructors name, Date, and Topic Number
2. Final draft neat and professional. 14 point font to ease my old eyes
3. Text well edited, free of errors in spelling, grammar and usage
4. All images are of adequate size to view details and should include title, date, medium, and other relevant information
5. Bibliography and/or footnotes citing all research and quotation sources.