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our WIT, What Do I Think, are short, reflective essays. Each WIT is to exhibit your critical analysis skills, your organizational skills for writing, and your creative thinking skills. You will write a 2 page reflection for each WIT. Please double space and use 12 point font size. It is also necessary to cite the text or any source you draw upon as you complete the WIT assignment. It is best to complete your WIT after engagement with the text material for each chapter.
Your Special Project for Lesson 5 is to search and describe 5 informal fallacies from things around you. Please find 1 example each from the following categories:
1. A print advertisement-from newspaper, magazine, web.
2. A TV advertisement-fallacies abound here!
3. A “Letter to the Editor”-from any newspaper or news web site.
4. From the “Critical Thinking Issue” at the end of Chapter 5.
5. From a political ad, political debate, political news show, etc. Here’s an excellent online archive of political ads:
Please number your findings, 1-5. From there, complete the project in narrative form. Tell me the context of the fallacy, describe the fallacy, name the fallacy, and give a rationale of why you see it as a fallacy. Then, write a concluding paragraph reflecting on the experience of finding fallacies around you and how fallacies play out in your own life