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Family Law and Child Protection

Use the Circle of Insight’s See, Reflect, Act framework to exam your topic in the following way:See – describe the topic – what is issue? why is it important? how does it relate to law and social work? who is affected by the issue? what laws and/or cases pertain to your topic – you can narrow this by listing precedent setting cases or cases/laws from a particular jurisdiction (3 pages).Reflect – use primary social work values and legal concepts discussed in class as a lens through which to examine your topic. This section should be (3 pages).Act – make legal and social work recommendations (this can include recommendations to legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government, at the federal, state, or local level, as well as to the social work profession with respect to specific actions that will help create a more socially just beloved community (3 pages).Your paper should be 9 pages, Times New Roman type, 1 inch margins, double-spaced and it should include a final Works Cited or References page in APA format. Thus, your entire exam should be 10 pages.