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Feminism importance

Creative Final Presentation
20% of your Final Grade

You can write a 4-page paper, create a short film (you can use your phone, or create a film using i-movie or any other format), create a blog, create an e-zine , create a magazine, take photographs, make artwork, write a poem, create advertisements, make a music video, make your own Its On Us project (examples here;;;). These are just a few of the options available. I know this might sound a little childish but you could think back to your elementary days and dress up like a feminist figure from history and give a speech or write a letter from their point of view. If you have other ideas please get approval from me. I would like approval for all of your idea before your proceed. Even though this is an online class you can do a group project if you want to connect with someone else in the class. No more than 3 people are allowed in a group. If you choose to write a paper you need to work alone and not in a group. I want you to have some fun with this project, and get creative.

These are just some of the topic ideas you can explore:
Feminist Backlash
Feminist Myths & Stereotypes
Contributions of Feminism
The Importance & Need for Womens & Gender Studies
Feminist Theories
Gender Pay Gap Gender
Gender Identity, Sex, and Gender
Drag Cultures
The Its On Us project
What if you woke up tomorrow in a different sex/gender?
Womens history: Choose an individual, who did something important for Womens rights movement
Civil Rights Movement
LGBTQ movement
Waves of Feminism: First Wave 1830s- 1930s Second Wave 1960s-1980s Third Wave 1990s-Present Forth Wave Intersectionality
Women and the media (this includes movies, television, advertising, games, etc)
Men and the media (this includes movies, television, advertising, games, etc.)
Comprehensive Sex Education
Womens Reproductive rights Political argument centered on Planned Parenthood
The Purity Myth Rape Culture
Feminism & Race
Feminism & Class
Men & Feminism
Activism & What you can do These are many of the topics we have covered this semester.

If you have other ideas please ask me if it will work for the presentation.