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Food Ethics

The Essay (6 pages and a separate Works Cited page)
The general conclusion you arrive at regarding the food system integrity, or lack thereof, of your chosen case study should be formulated into a thesis statement for your essay. This thesis statement must be introduced on the first page of your essay and be highlighted in yellow.

After carefully stating your thesis, the rest of your essay will be spent developing this thesis. In order to accomplish this, you will need to:

1. Organize and accurately present the empirical data from your research (include all the questions above **)
2. Clearly define and explain the food system value issues and terms you chose to assess your chosen case. Include in your explanation why you think these values are important.
3. Convincingly and critically assess how your chosen industry meets or does not meet the food system values in 2. above.
4. Discuss how your chosen industry could do better in terms of values (even if you have argued that they do well), and suggest concrete ways in which they could implement these more stringent values. Here you should compare your chosen industry to comparable ones elsewhere that seem to be doing a better job.
5. Make sure to have a short and meaningful conclusion to your essay.
6. Include Works Cited at the end of your essay on a separate page.