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Food sourcing in recipies

The instructions for the paper are as follows
“Ass #3 Essay -What will be the biggest issue in sourcing the products you need for your recipe magic

You will find great insight about this by enjoying the conversation with the founder of 5 Guys Burgers.

This will require you to really look at your recipes and consider:

– What items are the most expensive in your recipes and make up the largest food cost.?

– Are there ones that are more susceptible to sanitation issues.?

– Is there an item that is impacted by the international import market.?

– Are there items that the customer will see and be able to know that you are not using a NAME brand. (Hunts vs Hines vs Walmart brand Ketchup)?

– Can you use non-name brand for the items that can not be seen by the guest?

DO NOT CUT AND PASTE,,PLEASE! We have to think like owners but think from the guests point of view.”

The recipe that the instruction is referring to is in the file I have attached.

No sources are required