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Forensic Report on Operation Hawk

This assessment achieves learning outcomes 2, 4 and 5.For this assessment, you are provided with the results from the analysis of the following items in Operation Hawk: DNA DNA profile of victim, Jennifer Day, from analysis of the saliva swab from rim of glass(Item number: TW/1) DNA profile of a male, unknown, from analysis of semen stain in the gusset ofvictims underwear (Item number: BM/2) Fingermarks Fingermark analysis from exterior of glass (Item number: SR/1) indicating matching right thumb print to male cuckooer and matching left forefinger to victim Toxicology LCMS profile of liquid found in glass (Item number: TW/2) confirmed presence ofmorphine Post-mortem toxicology from the victims blood reference sample (Item number:CA/1) reveals low levels of morphine CCTV footageCCTV footage (Item number: TR/1) from the street outside 8 Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth, PO1 2QQ shows an unidentified female entering property at 16:00 p.m. on the 25th of July. Jennifer day enters property at 17:09 pm and the unidentified female can be seen leaving the property at 18:19 pmYou must interpret the findings of the analysis in relation to Operation Hawk. In your discussion, you must include possible arguments for both the prosecution and defence.As this is a report, your work should be structured with the use of sub-headings.An example layout is shown below but you can be creative.Report LayoutIntroduction – outline the aim of the report and a brief summary of the case details. The summary must be written in your own words and not a copy of the scenario provided.Summary of the results – you must tabulate the results in this section.Interpretation/Discussion – there is room for creativity in this section but you must make the possible arguments for both the prosecution and the defence clear for all four types of evidence.An example layout for this section is given below. Certain evidence types may have more in depth interpretation than the others; therefore you do not need to have an equal amount of words per evidence type.Example: Section by forensic disciplineDNAInterpretation of the DNA results and arguments for both prosecution and defenceFingermarksInterpretation of the fingermark results and arguments for both prosecution and defenceToxicologyInterpretation of the toxicology results and arguments for both prosecution and defenceDigital evidenceInterpretation of the digital evidence and arguments for both prosecution and defenceConclusion – summarise the key points from the discussion relating back to the aim of the report. You have already interpreted the results in the discussion section so just state whether the aim was met and how.References – the report must be fully cited and referenced according to APA 6th edition guidelines. Report Submission