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Your job in this essay is to take a position on the subject presented in your essay. Please know that you are discussing the main point of the essay, not a little side point. You are looking at how the author comes to the position taken. Each of these essays states a position. Your job is to engage with that position and extend the argument of the essay. It will not be enough to simply restate what the author has said. Your job is not to summarize the argument. Your job is to participate in a conversation with the author by thinking about the argument made and commenting on it by taking a position in reference to the argument. An easy way to engage with the article might be to either agree or disagree with your author. I do not want to see the statement I agree or I disagree. Your argument should make that position clear.Do you have a thesis?Have you used the primary source appropriately?Have you sustained a singular argument?Are you specific in your discussion?Does your argument make logical sense?Is your voice mature and appropriate for a scholarly paper?Have you followed directions?Please do not use second person (you).Please make sure your paragraph are indented with one tabPlease do not use questions, unless it is a question taken from your primary source.Please make sure you have a title page and that you start writing on page 1 with no title on that page.Your title page should include the following:nameclassinstructorThe title of your essay is placed in the center of the page. (The title of your essay is not the title of your article — and the title page does not count towards your two to three pages of discussion. Please do not put your title in quotation marks.)Please make sure you stop on page three (even if it is just one line on this page). Do not go over page three.12 font, double spacedPlease highlight your thesis so I know what you consider your thesis