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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Directions: The purpose of the Argument Segment is to argue for the best approach(es) to solving the problem youve explained in your informative and analysis essays. Your goal is to persuade your reader that your position is correct using solid reasoning backed by solid evidence. Most likely, your argument will take the form of either a single proposed solution or a set of strategies for addressing your issue. Your overall goal is to think of ways, based on your research, to make the future better than the past or, at least, to make the future better than it otherwise would be; then you must persuade your reader that your strategies and solutions are the best.

In-text Citations and Works Cited page in proper M.L.A. format with a minimum of 8 sources cited.
Sources: You may use well-chosen, carefully evaluated websites, but be sure to hit your minimums listed below. These sources may be distributed over all three assignments (Informative, analysis and argument):
Books:2 minimum
Magazines:2 minimum
Newspaper Articles: 2 minimum
Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Articles:2 minimum
Government Publications (City, State, Country, United Nations):2 minimum
Opening Page in Proper M.L.A. format; last name and page number on all pages in the upper right.

Research question: (Draft)
Are Genetically Modified Foods detrimental to people in todays society through a variety of perspectives such as economical, social, scientific, ethical, and futuristic lens?

In my research paper, I plan on discussing how gmos can affect people in the long term in regards to their health. There are many articles that discuss how these genetically modified foods can affect people and the environment in many ways. However, I plan on opening up in the introduction by explaining exactly what gmos are. In my research question, I mention the economical, scientific, social, and futuristic lens because this allows me to break down this topic through different perspectives. For example, I can explain about the possible future outcomes of gmos heavily being apart of our lives. Economically, I can discuss how gmos affects the marketing in America. Scientifically, I can really go into detail when explaining how gmos are produced by going through the scientific process through different types of foods. I can also explain scientifically how gmos overall affects the environment. Lastly, I included the social and economical lens because this topic is extremely controversial on whether gmos are beneficial or detrimental in general. This part of my research paper would allow me to express both sides of the argument while providing facts rather than opinions.
As far as my sources for my paper, I would need to find sources that can break down how gmos are made and processed. I would also need to find sources that would go more in depth on the economical standpoint of gmos and who it benefits and whether or not it’s a good thing overall for people. I will use google to do some active reading about my topic. As I obtain more knowledge of this topic I will start to use the ccp library database as well as government websites that are reliable and not written by random people who are trying to express their personal feelings about gmos.

I included my previous analysis essay just in case you need it.