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Gentrification in the whole Bay Area

Design a solution to a problem the Bay Area is facing.-What problem is the Bay Area facing as a region?-What is the breadth and depth of this problem? Does it apply to the entire region, equally and consistently, or is it something some parts are wrestling with while others remain immune? Does there appear to be any collaboration or coordination across the region?-By what measures is this even a problem? According to whom? For whom is it a problem that is solvable and for whom is it hardly a problem at all?-What are the sources of this problem? Are they deep-seated or rather recent sources? Are they inherent to the region or are they sources that other similar regions are facing?-Last, what solutions have been proposed to address the problem? Whos proposed which, when, why, and to what planned effect? Which have been advocated by the most people? Which seem most likely to be put into effect? Which would YOU put into effect if you had the opportunity to do so?This big writing opportunity challenges you to think as a designer would about the contemporary Bay Area that responds rationally and yet creatively to the effects of this place being incredibly distinct, dynamic, successful, complex, stable, and evolving. Your job is to isolate a problem or a puzzle or a conflict, then fix it. Use the questions above to aid you in the process of that design thinking. The main goal is of this work is to identify a problem, then solve it. The secondary goal is to think meaningfully and deeply about a place, this place we call the Bay Area, and to conduct meaningful and effective primary and secondary source research to bolster your design. Youve got a semester, public libraries all over, archives of journalism from towns to counties to the regions to the whole nation, all within driving distance or interlibrary loan reach through our own library. You should allow your solution to be contextualized and justified in five to six pages, plus annotations and notes and appendixes as appropriate. The last week of the semester, well share out with the group.You have to use evidence from all around the Bay Area