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Globalization – and Medicine – – Organizations (NGO) - Open your One Note notebook.a) Create a new section named Globalization 2 Assignment.b) Create the following THREE (3) pages in this section: Globalization, Healthand Medicine, Education.2. Provide the following for EACH page created in 1.b) above:a) Answer the question based on the readings. You must use the content inthe readings to answer the questions. (75-100 words per question). (1.5 pointsper topic)i. Globalization. IT is a driving factor in the process of globalization.Explain.ii. Health and Medicine. Discuss at least two (2) information technologyapplications in health and medicine mentioned in the reading.iii. Education. IT offers especially valuable educational opportunities forpoor people in developing countries.” Discuss at least two (2) waysmentioned in the reading.June 3, 2019 version Page 2 of 2b) Find a journal article for each page that discusses this topic. (2 points pertopic)i. Write the name of the article in bold and underline.ii. Summarize this article. (100-200 words).iii. Provide a citation for this article.c) Find a website of an NGO (for each page) that works in this area. (0.5 pointper topic)i. Write the name of the NGO in bold and underline.ii. Include the URL for this NGOs website.then submit the link to me like the last one you did for me , that is why i choose the same writer he understands the concept of the assignmnent