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Health Need Assessment Report of A Given Population

Below is the topic and my suggested format on how this report should be approached but attached will be the comprehensive suggested format from the examiner and report from the locality in question. [London Borough of Brent].An Outline of Health Need Assessment for Adults BME Communities Living With CVD in London Borough of BrentProblem: Physical Inactivity & Diet: Linking Obesity and Mental Health. Comparative analysis between different London Boroughs. Compare Data from Public Health England Fingertips Toolkit. Adoption of the current JASNA to develop a targeted intervention. Local Authority Health Improvement Strategy/Programmes What observations can help improve the government strategies?London Borough of Brent: Unique Feature, Most Ethnically Diverse Borough in London CCG- Priorities: Physical & Challenges 17% Increase in population.BME Adults Living With CVDCurrent Level of Service Provision: Target Health Needs Services Currently Provided Level of utilisation EvidenceFuture Priorities [Making it Happen] Targeted Interventions that are sensitive to the ethnic diversity Geographical Equity. Improved access and services. Reducing inequalities The Impact projectedConclusion Impact of targeted interventions to a diverse population. Improved access or uptake for culturally sensitive services .