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How can current and future technology change how University education is delivered

What and how current technology is being used in universities to deliver education, and what future/upcoming technology can do in a university to deliver education,

The headers should follow as:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Project Management (if not done as part of chapter 1)
Chapter 3: Literature Review / Secondary Research
Chapter 4: Primary Research Methodology
Chapter 5: Research Analysis (could be combined with ch 4)
Chapter 6: Discussion (secondary research findings vs primary research findings)
Chapter 7: Conclusion

My primary research will be conducted as a ‘anonymous’ questionnaire with the aim to gather information from current university students and how they are using technology at university and their satisfaction, and then gaining an idea of what technology they would like to see their universities using.

My dissertation requires a PID (Project Initiation Document) to be completed and put in Appendix A (template to be used will be in additional materials