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How does Swedens regulatory in decreasing working hours per week have an influence on productivity?

many countries already have reduced the working hours per week or other do have less than switzerland for example. with this paper I would like to analyze the impact on decreasing working hours in sweden on the productivity of employees. I would like to have also factors which influence productivity mentioned in the paper (different models, GDP as a measurement, connection between work satisfaction, motivation and productivity reduction of absenteesim, less sick leave but also measureable productivity results etc)I did found different sources which can be found in the attachment. If you need more information about the requirements of the research paper please let me know.Paper structure example: Cover page Abstract (Executive summary) Statement of Authenticity Introduction Literature Review/Theoretical Framework Methodology 3 6 Body of paper (chapters/sub-chapters) Discussion Conclusion (Recommendations) References Appendices (e.g. codebook, transcripts)/List of Figures and Tables/ Glossary/ Acknowledgements/If you have any questions you can contact me whenever you want.