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How has information technology supported the development of monopolies Amazon, Microsoft, telecom companies? Will these monopolies survive?

Research Paper Using Word
This assignment has two goals: 1) have students, via research, increase their understanding of impacts of information
technology on current world issues, and 2) learn to correctly use the tools and techniques within Word to format a research
paper, including use of available References and citation tools. These skills will be valuable throughout a students
academic career.
The paper will require a title page, NO abstract, three to five full pages of content with incorporation of a minimum of 3
external resources from credible sources and a Works Cited/References page. Wikipedia and similar general information
sites, blogs or discussion groups are not considered creditable sources for a research project. No more than 10% of the
paper may be in the form of a direct citation from an external source. Choose your topic from the list of topics that follow
these organization steps.
Paper organization
Open Word and save a blank document with the following name:
Students LastNameFirstInitial Research Paper
The paper should be organized in the following way:
1. Title page:
a. Center in the middle of the page (horizontally and vertically) the title (subject) of the paper and below that
your name
2. Body of the paper:
a. Use 12-point Arial font
b. Set the margins at 1
c. Entire paper should be double-spaced
d. Length 3-5 full pages, not counting the title page or the References page.
e. Include a minimum of 3 APA-formatted citations and related References page. Every reference must be cited
at least once, and every citation have an entry in the References list. If you are not familiar with APA format,
it is recommended that you use the References feature in Word for your citations and Reference List or refer
to the “Citing and Writing” option under the Resources/Library/Get Help area in the LEO classroom. It is
important to review the final format for APA-style correctness even if generated by Word.
f. Include at least two (2) informational footnotes. Footnotes are not used to list a reference! Footnotes contain
information about the topic to which the footnote has been attached.
g. Place the references on a separate page following the body of the paper. Note: Use a hard return (CTRL
Enter) after the end of your paper body and the start of the References page.
3. Organization of the content of the paper:
Include the following sections in the paper (include, in bold, the headings identified here):
a. Introduction – Identify the issue or idea. Explain why the topic was selected and what you are trying to
achieve (what is your end goal). The introduction should not be more than half a page; details will be
discussed in the follow-on areas.
b. Areas of interest, activity or issue Define the issue or idea in greater detail. Define the specific problem
or problems or new idea. Identify other underlining or related issues as well as dependencies. Explain what
impacts will result if not addressed.
c. Research Findings Summarize your research findings and what they contribute to the study of the issue
or idea. You must identify (cite) the sources of the research or class material related to your topic that you
include in the findings.
d. Proposed solution(s), idea(s), courses of action(s). List solutions, ideas or courses of action with an
analysis of its effectiveness (how will your suggestions affect or change the current situation). If more than
one idea is suggested, provide an analysis that covers all proposed suggestions.
e. Conclusion Summarize the conclusions of your paper.