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How Luxury Consumption Produces Elite Class Identity in China

This essay is a 3000-word pilot study for a dissertation.This essay studies how consumption produces elite class identity. It explores the reasons behind upper-class Chinese males and females enthusiasm for luxury goods and how they think purchasing luxury brands represents as a social practice. The survey questionnaire aims to study upper class Chinese men and women between the ages of 18-30 and to explore the ways in which participants use modern luxury brands to establish their elite class identity. When designing the questionnaire, please keep in mind that most of the participants are students without income.All detailed instructions are included in the uploaded file, please read everything carefully. The essay needs to conduct a survey, so the questionnaire will also have to be designed by the writer (I’ll then go do the survey). Suggested literatures and citation guide are also uploaded. The writer should also find other relevant literatures on their own. This essay needs at least 20 cited literatures. IMPORTANT: PLEASE CITE EVERYTHING IN THE ESSAY. THERE CANNOT BE INFORMATION WITHOUT A SOURCE.