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How my religious fasting was affecting my diet

Please read instructions thoroughly,

Essay Two Assignment: Cause and Effect:
OK, you’ve written about your relationship to food. Now let’s try a deeper analysis.

In this next essay, I’d like you to isolate and analyze an easily observable food problem (a cause) or food solution (an effect) of which you currently have some knowledge. This is not a research essay. Rather, I want you to employ details, examples, logic and analysis in a discussion of something that is currently happening, something that impacts you personally and that you can show us through your example.

Rather than make huge unsubstantiated claims, make specific observations that shed light on the bigger picture. Rather than write about how fast food makes people obese, show us how quitting fast food caused you to lose weight. Rather than write about how gluten affects people with celiac disease, tell your celiac story.

In other words, show how one specific thing from your experience caused a specific outcome: Working graveyard as a fry cook caused me to become a caffeine addict. Drinking green smoothies for breakfast caused me to lose 25 pounds in six months. Meeting my partner helped me overcome my loathing for vegetables. Adopting a vegan lifestyle has helped improve my grades.

Organize your ideas so that they show a cause and effect relationship–either the problem or the solution is the cause, and the effect is, of course, what comes of it. Follow a causal chain, from cause to effect, showing each link along the way: Started eating a vegan diet>within days felt more focused>energy increased>felt more motivated regarding studies>grades started to improve.

Use plenty of details, examples, anecdotes, analogies, and analysis to demonstrate ideas. Avoid getting sidetracked by ideas that are off topic or that do not help show the cause and effect.

Possible topics include gardening, raising livestock, shopping at farmer’s markets, choosing organic meat and/or vegetables, making specific food choices, analyzing diets, or theories about food/nutrition, food related habits, food preparation (aka cooking), food relationships, food-related conditions/illnesses, etc.

As before, find a good thesis question, and use the essay to answer it. Keep your discussion focused and detailed and be sure to use plenty of examples from your experience to illustrate your ideas.

Again: This is not to be an advice or self-help piece. Rather, you will use your story, experiences and observations to shed light on the big picture by focusing on the specific.

Your essay must be 3-5 pages long, typed, double-spaced, properly formatted in APA or MLA style and relatively error free. Use one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.

To earn a high score, your draft should be clearly written, detailed and well organized.

Post the draft of this essay, in MS Word, under “Essay 2” on the discussion board as well as in the Essay 2 Assignment area for peer editing purposes.

Please see Uploaded files for further information about great lent days and what my fasting entails. I’d also like to mention the great lent is fasting before Easter.
I am russian Orthodox.

Thank you so much!