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How Rem sleep effect memory

As originally planned, was going to a real-life presentation where you stood up in front of your classmates. and presented your research proposal to us all. Powerpoint slides and all!

So that’s obviously not happening. Now I could ask you to record your presentation much as I have been your “lectures”, but that’s a degree of technology that’s just asking for trouble. So let’s keep it simple.

Create the Powerpoint/Google Slides presentation you would have used to accompany your presentation.
Upload it/save it to this shared folder we all have access to (it’s kind of like a presentation to the class, because everyone can view everyone else’s Slides).
That’s it, good enough for me.
I posted an example of one my presentations to the folder (it’s a little longer than yours will probably need to be, I think 5-7 slides will be plenty).

The textbook guidance on APA Posters (Appendix: Presenting Research) might be helpful, especially advice about being very succinct in this format (e.g., DO NOT cut and paste entire paragraphs from your paper). This is more “elevator pitch”/bullet points version of your proposal. As a presentation, it shouldn’t have lasted more than 2 or 3 minutes. complete the paper in simple words.
Please revise first draft of the paper and make corrections.