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How serious is the social problem that you are trying to address? Why it is meaningful to figure out why X causes Y?

Please make it a interesting topic… Introduction(ideally 1-2pagebut no more than 2 pages, double-spaced)oDescribe why you decide to choosethis topic.oJustifythe value or significance of this topic.oProvide some backgroundinformationfor the topic.For example: How serious is the social problem that you are trying to address? Why it is meaningful to figure out why X causes Y? What is the specific interesting social phenomenon that you are studying? Literature Review(at least 5-6page, double-spaced)oReview and summarize the peer-reviewed, scholarly workthatexists about yourtopic. Figure out which terms to search and use the databases that we have used in class to find articles. oYour review should include at least 5 relevant journal articles.oDescribe how the studies were conducted? What werethe major findings in their research? You may also critique their studies, such as pros and cons. oTry to organize the articles in a cohesive wayso that the readers would understand why these articlesare selected and how they fit together.oExplain relevant theory/theories.oIdentify your IV(s) and DV(s).oIdentify other variables that you think as relevant to your topic, if necessary. Describe your research question(s) and hypotheses. Methods(at least 2-3page, double-spaced)Note. In your research proposal, you only need to describe characteristics of your samples (i.e., participants), not the exact information of them from an actual study. Participants Report the number of the participants that you get. Briefly explain demographic features of the participants. Sampling method Describe how you obtain your sample. Foryour final project, you are asked to useQUANTITATIVE methods (e.g., surveyor experiment), please continue to include the following sections: IV(s)Describe operationalization of your IV(s).How will your IV(s) be operated and hence measured/manipulated (only for the case of experiments)?What are the different categories (levels) of each IV?In case of experiments, what are your stimulus materials representing different conditions?The more clearlybut concisely you describe your stimulus, the better score you will obtain. Procedure How the experiment (survey) is/will be administered? The more comprehensive, the better. DV(s)Describe how your dependent variables are measured.Explain where you found the scales/questions, how you modified or created them.Identify the level of measurement for each variable. ATTENTION! In your Research Proposal, Introduction, LiteratureReview,Methods(use future tense)and References should be included. Add all questionnairesin Appendix