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How will the firms strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) affect the future cash flows for the bank over the next five years?

Executive Summary
II. Introduction and Overview A. National, Regional, State or Local Bank B. Mission and value statement (include outside data that supports or disputes the mission statement and values)
C. Geographic Areas D. Management Team Critique-Company and CEO History E. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats F.
Competitor SWOT Anaylsis G. Industry and Relevant Competition (include three other banks in the peer group; provide a summary where the bank stands within the per group) Subsidiaries (include function and organization) I. Bank Organization J. Customer base and market share K. Legal structure (include laws federal, state and international laws that effect the bank)
Current Events and Economic Outlook M. Products and pricing (include differentiators)
Profitability trend O. Business segments (include lending, non-lending operations, investing activities, funding activities)
Takeover, merger, bankrupt activities
Economy Sensitivity R. Ethical Issues S. Regulatory trends
CAMELS-Historical Analysis A. Capital Adequacy-Risk Based Equity B. Asset Quality-Credit Risk C. Management Quality D. Earnings-Profitability E. Liquidity F. Interest Rate Sensitivity III. Market Ratios
XI. Summary Analysis (include a critical analysis of the company based on all data gathered)
Sample Questions to be addressed in assignment:
1. How will the firms strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) affect the future cash flows for the bank over the next five years?
2. Does the bank have a talent pool of professionals with diverse backgrounds, regions, and skills? Given the recent emphasis on outsourcing and improved global competitiveness, is the diversity management an important part of the firms goals? Does the bank have a succession plan in replace for outgoing and retiring executives?
3. How does the bank product pricing strategy affect gross profit margin? How do the banks products and services differentiate from their peer group?
4. Can a firm produce higher financial results by increasing marketing efforts and relying on strong sales culture? What federal regulations affect sale and services of the banks? How?
5. What is the banks reputation in the market? What is causing the bank to have a positive or negative reputation? Does the reputation have a direct correlation to profitability of the bank?
6. How does the banks merger, globalization, or organic growth strategy affect the estimate of growth estimates for cash flow and revenue with respect to new markets and services?
7. Does the banks mission statement reflect its business units and organizational structure? Has the firm been involved in law suits, community complaints or class action suits that may have ethical considerations?